Random Slices:

Atop spaghetti
A lost cheese-covered meatball
Lamented in song
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-24-05)

lama's are coming
they will be bumming fat cows
lamas are ded now
- sophie shorrock, foulridge (5-14-07)

Quoth the black bovine
Evil false cheese from a can
Squeeze it nevermore
- artchic311, Springfield, MO (6-1-04)

Deep fried or just fresh
squeaky squeaky squeaky squeak
curds such tasty joy
- alxjon, Milwaukee (2-22-06)

The moonlight goes down
There is nomore darkness
The sunlight come up
- Sam, NC (4-18-07)

Recent Slices:

Her soft Tetilla
inviting me to bite her
perfectly shaped breast !
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (5-14-12)

Doodles are cheesy
They are also so greasy
So howdy doodles
- msvpvt, Vermont (4-11-12)

Mother taught me well
to appreciate beauty
and to enjoy cheese.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)

When it is too hot
I retreat to my freezer
screaming for icecream !
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)

Most people agree
jelly on toast is good but
butter is better.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)



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