What a funny cheese,
Why dreams, you can't even dream
You are going to die.
- AngelKirlia, Tulsa, OK, USA (3-28-08)

I am stuck in cheese
It fills up every crevis
Will you help me please
- cheeeznuts, jynx (3-28-08)

american cheese
better than other countries
american please
- rocky, jenx (3-28-08)

good-vibe karma pure
nourishing cheese have matured
I wait to procure
- Rebba, India (1-24-08)

swishing curdling sounds
the spirit's yearning expound
cheesed serenity
- Rebba, India (1-24-08)

Master Artisan
makes cheese with knowledge and grace.
The fly does not care.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (10-3-07)

is a word that means "cheese death"... can only hope
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-26-07)

brie is like a breeze
mozzerellas like a cloud
cheese helps me go on.
- pepperjack, virginia (8-25-07)

?how do do you know?
the mystries of cheese
oh oh oh you know
- abby ratliff, Washington (8-12-07)

Your what he died for
so now you return the favor
i'll live a sinner
- mike, red springs (4-18-07)

Pizza without cheese
is one of the saddest things
I've ever heard of.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (3-7-07)

Time and time again.
Cows abandon their logic,
Debating straw men.
- CyborgCow, Phoenix (2-9-07)

when all hope is lost
and the future is looking
bleak i run to cheese
- sophy12, (1-27-07)

A wise friend once said,
"cheddar and ham is divine,
gimme cham sandwich!"
- Chris, Boston (1-24-07)

Nancy and Lulu
both like meat, but for my dogs
cheese is much better.
- lulufirecracker, Charlottesville, VA (1-24-07)

Cheese is like knowledge.
With each nugget you consume,
Hunger increases.
- Harold, Anaheim, CA (1-20-07)

Maybe, just perhaps,
we find a deeper meaning
when we say; "Cheeses!" ?
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (1-20-07)

The sweetness of milk
taken to a new level
by bacteria.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (1-20-07)

Cheese frees the mind up
Clarifying truth, bubbling
gouda vibes worldwide
- lgcheeser, Chicago (11-2-06)

To cheese or not to?
Better to cheese & have lost
Than not to @ all
- Boing!, Preston, CT (9-7-06)

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