The mystic bovine
moo-ditates on Alfalfa
with teats full of cream
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-22-08)

morning light shines bright
Farmer goes out to the barn
Cows have made thier cheese
- S22K, UK (7-12-08)

im cow, hear me moo,
I weigh twice as much as you,
Tasting good for you!
- traci&mckenna, aiea (6-20-08)

im cow, hear me moo
I weigh twice as much you
Good on barbeque
- traci&mckenna, aiea (6-20-08)

Did you know that Cheese
made from the milk of a cow?
Oh really? Really.
- AngelKirlia, Tulsa, OK, USA (3-28-08)

most cows live on farms
cows make milk and eat some grass
farmers milk the cows
- CoolBuzz10, Sharpsville (2-26-08)

cows are happy
cows can moo good moo's
cows love you
- Jb boy, Sharpsville (2-26-08)

cows are gas machines
they eat grass and hay all day
methane is not healthy
- , (2-26-08)

cows are gas machines
they eat grass and hay all day
methane is not healthy
- , (2-26-08)

cows make hamburgers
cows don't like to be eaten
so eat mor chikin
- cheeselvr, North Carolina (2-6-08)

moo moo moo they go,
they are called cows, did you know?
moo moo moo they call
- loser#1, meadville (1-31-08)

Moo Cries The Great One
The Benefactor Of Our
Beloved Dairy
- cheese-freakaleek, usa (1-2-08)

Are we not spotty
A milky way for thy soul
Dairy cow is me
- Cooshi, Hawaii (12-5-07)

One sad crowded cow
is tired of the dairy
she waits for her death.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (10-3-07)

Betsy my milk cow,
Lows from neglect of my hands.
She can't udder it.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-27-07)

All different kinds of cows
They all have one thing to say
- heather p, fombell (4-25-07)

Green hilly pastures
Milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt
Heavy spotted beasts
- kprindle, San Jose, CA (4-7-07)

Cows, in the pasture,
Nursing their young--I love cheese
Do I nurse too? hhhmmm
- yeatsleda, Florida (4-2-07)

A cow is grazzing-
perched on the parade saddle
a long-tailed magpie
- vasilemoldovan, Bucharest (2-1-07)

Your succulent milk
Your divine ways, make it hard
to realize you smell
- cheezeluvers8, Portland OR (1-26-07)

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