Sun rise to the east
The cow makes bug, and giant poo
Mister farmer scoops
- Nevoshaii, Hawaii (12-5-07)

I had a waffle
It had no cheese for texture
It was just awful
- Piss off, Connecticut (2-20-07)

Found the Dairylama site.
Found one better than the rest.
Find one too and smile.
- Chee-say, Milwaukee, WI (1-25-07)

Ice cream is my pal
He always makes me happy
When it is Summer
- laner6857, Belle Plaine (1-22-07)

Milk is $5.00
grilled cheese is $7.00
full stumik priceless
- Justin Tizon, denver Co (1-8-07)

milk is good for you
From a Jug from a mug yumm
fresh from the farm
- cb4, Colorado (1-3-07)

You simply can't buy
When delightful cheesy high
Takes hold & hits home
- Boing!, Preston, CT (9-7-06)

My friends in C.T.
Love Food Schmooze & cheese so much
I hope they show up
- Boing!, Preston, CT (9-7-06)

A car made of cheese
Mouse attack - it disappears
Run swiftly big mouse
- The Bean, Connecticut (7-25-06)

Write A Cheese haiku
Express Yourself With A Moo
Black And White Be True
- CheeseMistress, CT (7-2-06)

My fat juicy steak
Medium rare with mushrooms
Maybe I'll have two
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-16-06)

Cookies dipped in milk
Butter and cream on white bread
And nasty blue cheese!
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

jalapeno cheeze
melted on chunky french bread
francomex delight
- moona, (4-4-06)

Oh what good milkshakes
they are the hottest in town
Milkshakes are yummy
- CMS Students, Kingsland, GA (3-3-06)

Cheesecake drissiled in
Caramel with sugar it
is the greatest thing
- Brendon, kingsland (3-3-06)

delicious cheese cake
i love chocolate cheese cake
it tastes much better
- CMS Students, Kingsland, GA (3-3-06)

Cheesecake always makes
me smile, I wish I could
eat them forever
- CMS Students, Kingsland, GA (3-3-06)

Sippy-cup discarded
For many weeks it ferments
This substance sickens.
- JohnnyK, Chicago (1-23-06)

milk, oh so rotten
found under the couch last week
delites with some wine
- JohnnyK, Chicago (11-9-05)

White cold on the tongue,
the cottage cheese of winter,
lumpy clumps of snow
- linda, Texas (6-5-05)

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