Most people agree
jelly on toast is good but
butter is better.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)

butter all over me
making me feel all cheesey
put that butter in
- thomas, tulsa (3-28-08)

Butter is so cool
It is a perfect liquid
used for shellfish
- cammatt, Kokomo (2-25-08)

My life is simple:
a slice of toast for breakfast
with lots of butter.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (1-21-07)

I spread it across
my hill of mashed potatoes
it was butter!
- cheeseplease, Aurora Colorado (1-5-07)

Butter be prepared,
For a roller coaster ride,
Down the milky way!
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

Butter is awsome
Butter is very taseful
Butter goes with bread
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

butter on my favorite
toast with some milk an cream too!
my dairy breakfast
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

Butter on my toast
makes my breakfast really great
Now I am hungy
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

Butter is nasty.
It has no added sugar.
Butter can melt fast.
- CMS Students, Kingsland, GA (3-3-06)

Hot corn on the cob:
perfect delivery system
for melted butter.
- TJ, Tibet (6-14-05)

butter sits on my
waffles in smooth yellow squares.
the cat licks it off.
- atira88, sedona (5-5-05)

Sizzling gold butter
crispy edge around pan cake
wonders of butter
- Rumiko Mae, Australia (4-11-05)

Without you butter
What will my life become
plain rough and tasteless
- Mooney, Australia (3-29-05)

i ate some butter
butter has a lot of cream
butter is milky
- gennie, (3-2-05)

Clarified butter
For Indian cookery
rich delicious ghee
- Muttley, UK (2-25-05)

I would eat cardboard
if it had enough butter
or you spread on it.
- morebutter, Seattle (2-24-05)

Butter butter but
butter butter butter but
butter butter but
- tipper, Wisconsin (2-20-05)

River of butter
Flows quickly over popcorn
Amazon of taste
- Mia, Rochester, NY (2-11-05)

Smell of fresh coffee
Poppy seed bagel pops up
Taste of sweet butter
- Janie, Vermont (1-31-05)

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