me completed now
your the pepper to my jack
your like cheese-us-christ!
- amanda...cheese is my life!, brush prairie washington (7-26-08)

pepperjack is hot
but great I love the flavor
its so good
- awyant, Sharpsville (2-26-08)

Spicy love of cheese
Pepperjack is the greatest
Finger lickin' good
- Killer9292929, In a chair (1-31-08)

Oh Jack divine!
Melted to a gooey slime,
On my bread, you mine!
- vholiver1, CT (5-13-07)

the dogs do like you,
you make their breath bad, yet you
yet good, pepperjack
- cheezeluvers8, Portland OR (1-26-07)

Her happiness infectious
It's the pepperjack
- goudaforme, Los Angeles (1-24-07)

Pulled off the highway
Tires fine, but picnic ruined
I forgot the Jack
- CyborgCow, Phoenix (12-12-06)

What Cheese Means To Me
A Balence Of Light And Dark
Yin Yang Pepper Jack
- CheeseMistress, CT (6-3-06)

You know I'm hot stuff.
you can't keep lips off me.
Call me pepperjack.
- TJ, Tibet (6-14-05)

peperjack is good
for good and wholesome dairy
good to my tummy
- Carey I, Kingsland, Ga (3-7-05)

Alas Pepperjack
Not found in Merrie England
A nation deprived
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-17-05)

Oh, my pepperjack!
What can I say that has not
already been said?
- shmoozer, Arizona (2-2-05)

Internal log jam
Came along with my half pound
of pepper jack cheese.
- fliespa, Portland, OR (9-8-04)

Pepperjack Llama,
I am kidding when I say,
"Follow dairy cows."
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-31-04)

melting pepperjack
fulfill my expectations
gooey hot sublime
- dizlib, Milwaukee (8-30-04)

You threaten the cow.
She hits you with pepperjack.
Maybe milk you next.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-29-04)

So hot and spicy
tickles my tongue with delight.
Jack will be so proud.
- david gungor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (8-27-04)

Once bitten twice shy
Zingy multicolor bits
Of cheese and fire
- beckyhomecky, virginia (8-25-04)

spicy pepper bits
swimming in monterray jack
really blasts the buds
- Val, USA (8-22-04)

I'd like to have a
great big block of pepperjack
sent to my front door :)
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

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