Mother taught me well
to appreciate beauty
and to enjoy cheese.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)

cheese yellow good
melted, cooked, amazing
it makes me crazy
- rocky, jenx (3-28-08)

facing the challenge
like in the rollercoaster
that is what life like
- marie, philippines (3-1-08)

my life is so sweet
that i cant love somebody
anyone like you
- clarissa ramos, makati, Philippines (2-21-08)

'Dis Chicagoan
Laments the demise of JAY'S... more O'KeeDoke.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (12-5-07)

i start to turn green
i peel back the plastic strip
doubtfully oh god!
- pepperjack, virginia (8-25-07)

cheese it is cow juice
molded over with pumpkins
i love you so cow
- abby ratliff, Washington (7-19-07)

A friend is someone we
turn to, when our spirits need a
lift friends is whos treasure
- trinity2007, Red Springs (4-19-07)

death is coming soon
it is inevitable
it's a matter of time
- darkliberty, redsprings (4-18-07)

deppresion is big
i don't feel like moving on
i'm not here any more
- darkliberty, redsprings (4-18-07)

It goes by so fast
In a little bit of time
enjoy while you can
- chad, (4-18-07)

Floating down the court
Jumping through the rim and nets
Sounds like basketball
- courtney bowers, Redsprings NC,28377 (4-18-07)

felling the air,the
smell of flowers of
the garden of life
- Lucero, Redsprings (4-18-07)

Beginning to end
Completly lost in my words
My life will live on
- Kasey, Red Springs (4-18-07)

This feeling I hate
makes me shiver and cold
when will it just go
- Georanil Ventura, Red Springs (4-18-07)

The moonlight goes down
There is nomore darkness
The sunlight come up
- Sam, NC (4-18-07)

never will i be
out of control in my life
see you tomorrow
- yolanda, pembroke (4-18-07)

Butterfly growing
In my belly so quickly
Five more months to see
- martina mckoy, Red Springs, NC (4-17-07)

A Swiss cheese visited
by so many ants and flies-
such is our life too
- vasilemoldovan, Bucharest (2-1-07)

all of a sudden
the ants moves their direction...
smithereens of cheese
- vasilemoldovan, Bucharest (2-1-07)

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