wine, cheese and art shows
sophisticated grazing
with like-minded folks
- queenofstuff, California (7-1-08)

Art is breathtaking.
Art is worth awaking.
Art is amazing.
- Nacho, Sharpsville (2-26-08)

art is in the air
it makes people smile
art can be music
- klesha, sharpsville (2-26-08)

Art is sketching
Art can make me giggle
Art can be music
- kesha, sharpsville (2-26-08)

The rose is blooming
And the sunshine is shining
They play happily
- Alma T. Mag-abo, makati (2-21-08)

"Kitchy" is cheesy.
Retro plastic party bowls
filled with cheesy puffs.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (12-5-07)

oh oh oh oh oh
choose cheese tweeze oh
moo moo moo moo moo
- abby ratliff, Washington (7-19-07)

Inspiration comes
from a large block of cheddar
if you're a sculptor
- TJ, Tibet (4-7-05)

Munch's subject screams
Why? He screams because someone
Has stolen his cheese
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-24-05)

Mona Lisa smiles
Her secret happiness is
A dream of dairy
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-24-05)

artists eat cheddar
it makes them paint much better
so go out and dance
- tipper, Wisconsin (2-23-05)

Pablo Picasso
Cut his cheese in cubist style
Blue cheese period
- Tony Massimini, Phoenix, AZ (2-2-05)

Oh, Mona Lisa
Is it cheese that makes you smile?
The Da Vinci Curd!
- Tony Massimini, Phoenix, AZ (2-1-05)

She sits in silence
Atop her rocker of cheese.
She's Swissler's mother.
- arianna, The Midwest (2-1-05)

Eat your cheese, Vincent
Visions in cheddar and bleu
Starry, starry night.
- shmoozer, Arizona (1-29-05)

Plate old cheese
In the garbage it belongs.
Now sits hurt belly.
- Micky, Japan (10-18-04)

The Monet of cheese
With white, yellow, creamy hues
Like water lilies.
- manya49, Ohio (9-18-04)

mozarella strings
harmonize in perfect pitch
when twisted up with cheddar
- jaras, Michigan (8-11-04)

Salvador Dairy
The Persistance of Colby
A Still Life Moo-ving Fast
- Dalifriend, Akron, Ohio (8-6-04)

The making of cheese
is an Art as old as time
eating it is as well
- hatrock, WISCONSIN (8-3-04)

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