Scientists observed
The ingredient to cheese is
Awesome mixed with win
- CreamyGoodness, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

The moon is yellow
because it is made of cheese
only when it's full
- RyanFischer, Tulsa (3-28-08)

The moon is yellow
because it is made of cheese
only when it's full
- RyanFischer, Tulsa (3-28-08)

Scientists abroad
sysnthesize a deathly foam
aliased Velveeta
- ChuckieChan, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

you smell
youuuuu smell
you smell
- lamas rule, lama land (6-21-07)

Shadows of tall trees
the wind howling with the trees
Fresh scent of pine trees
- luis zuniga, Red springs (4-18-07)

Every chemist knows
American cheese is just
edible plastic.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (1-21-07)

adfadsf desafv adsf adf
asdf asdf asdf asdf
- leahmendel, Belle Plaine, MN (1-19-07)

Four cows on the barn
pull back a big rubber band
and prove cows can fly
- CyborgCow, Phoenix (9-6-05)

Open and closed ended
Basic bits of energy
String Cheese Theory
- msvpvt, Vermont (7-8-05)

Kraft can call it cheese,
but pulling back the plastic
I still have my doubts.
- TJ, Tibet (6-13-05)

Did you know "Yankee"
Comes from Dutch insult "Jan Kaas"
And it means "John Cheese"
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-3-05)

Such hysteria
Unpasteurised cheese is home
Of listeria?
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (3-1-05)

Cheese before bedtime
Makes nightmares - this old wives tale
Luckily disproved
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (3-1-05)

Mice in research labs
Navigate subtle mazes
Lured by cheese rewards
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-24-05)

Calcium is good
it makes you tall and stronger
i'm five eleven
- tipper, Wisconsin (2-23-05)

Cheese: waxy substance
Compressed cellular debris
Also milk product
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-23-05)

Twisted outside in
String Cheese Meets its Maker
-A Mooobius strip!
- antiqueone, Kewaunee, Wi (2-4-05)

Oh, Galileo
Did you see cheese on the moon?
See the Milky Way
- Tony Massimini, Phoenix, AZ (2-1-05)

Homogenized milk
Pasturized and skimmed of fat
Is this really milk?
- Janie, Vermont (1-31-05)

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