"Tell me again George,
again about us and cheese."
"O.K.'There's this cheese...' "
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (9-24-08)

I like eating cheese
Doc says it's good for my heart
And I like my heart
- JoelFurr, Tulsa, OK (4-14-08)

out out damn cheddar
life is but a parmesean
a poor cheese with swiss
- cheeserules, tulsa (3-28-08)

it was the best cheese
it was the worst of the cheese
in the day of cheese
- angryman, Jenks (3-28-08)

frobidden to eat
terrified to stop dipping
cheese is not my friend
- bellacheese, jenks, ok (3-28-08)

Oh cheese, my sweet cheese.
Carpe diem, seize the day!
Cheese can change the world!
- AngelKirlia, Tulsa, OK, USA (3-28-08)

Always remember
Cheese is an exotic fruit
Touch it and its good
- Steve Cheese, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

cheese is amazing
i love to eat the cheeses
with chips and crackers
- cheeserules, tulsa (3-28-08)

I have no cheeses
To prick the sides of my belly,
only milk to drink.
- ChelseaWilliams, Jenks (3-28-08)

Out out hot sweet cheese
Lifes but a grilled cheese sandwich
get in my belly
- amjouett, Jenks, Ok (3-28-08)

I have a dream that
one day cheese will not mess my
stomach up so bad
- Tr33zY Da Gr8, tulsa (3-28-08)

cheese cheese everywhere
not a square to eat, yet the
worlds cheese at my feet
- drumbrandon, jenks (3-28-08)

Gather ye chedder
Old cheese is still a-aging
Start the cheese grating
- Stacy, jenks (3-28-08)

O cheese, O my cheese
Food from dairy 'tis so good
Wherefore art thou cheese?
- MizV, Earth (3-28-08)

Taste is rarely pure
And never simple, modern
cheese is delicious
- gogurtshooter, Jenks (3-28-08)

Gather ye cheese curds
Old cheese is still a-molding
Eat cheese fore dying
- Sally Keizer, Jenks (3-28-08)

Avarice, envy,
Cheese, three fatal sparks have set
Hearts of all on fire!
- seanobrien, tulsa ok (3-28-08)

Hi-ho the darry-o
Bait to the game of life
The cheese stands alone
- Michelle, Tulsa (3-28-08)

Hot enchiladas
Are good with a nice queso
Taco Bueno Rules...
- Dirty-Sanchez, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

No cheese can please for
long or live that are written
by water drinkers
- lizspark, Jenks (3-28-08)

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