quesadilla cheese
avocado and salsa
lifes appetizer
- katym, oklahoma city (4-7-06)

Captor of all my cheese snacks,
Let my people go!
- lahdeedahbuttercup, Seattle, WA. (10-12-05)

Cheese, wine and people
Improve with maturity
Or at least they should
- Tim, Seattle (7-12-05)

Kase is besser
Kase ist veile gut stuff
Das UberKase
- msvpvt, Vermont (7-8-05)

soft pillow
providing comfort
I thank you
- Kaesemund, Nashville, TN (7-6-05)

Truth is in the whey
that yields a culture of taste
aged to perfection.
- wishbrook, Ithaca, NY (6-27-05)

What is in a cheese?
Scientifically speaking,
its got to be 'Love'.
- TJ, Tibet (5-18-05)

curd off the old block
try to appear holy but
not like swiss cheese
- CALahti, Arizona (4-27-05)

Different colors
But they all seem to get along.
Cheese, not like humans. (Tyler)
- Ms. Beard's Creative Writing Class
Connersville HS
, Connersville, IN (3-20-05)

Meditate of Pray?
God will reward those who pray.
Isn't it Gouda!
- antiqueone, Kewaunee, Wi (3-10-05)

To Freud, dreams of cheese
Meant mother-lust. Freud was wrong
Cheese dreams mean cheese-lust
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (3-1-05)

Humans are like mice
Running in the maze of life
Searching for our cheese
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-24-05)

How many ways do
I love cheese? Hard to decide -
I love it always
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-24-05)

Better to eat Kraft
Than never to have eaten
Any cheese at all
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-24-05)

Oh lucky cheese mite
Surrounded by divine cheese
Your whole existence
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-23-05)

Photographers say
"Say Cheese" to make subjects smile -
Cheese is happy food
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-23-05)

Cheese and wine parties
Perfectly complementing
Each other, these things
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-21-05)

It perplexes me
Is cottage cheese these days made
In real cottages?
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-21-05)

Why is a bad joke
Cheesy? I find this to be
An insult to cheese
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-21-05)

Wiser men than I
Say that cheese is milk's bid for
- Slytherina, recmiscland (2-21-05)

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