Solidified milk
Sliceable, Diceable treat
I question it's taste
- JohnnyK, Chicago (6-3-05)

June is Dairy Month.
To celebrate kiss a cow...
Or, write cheese haiku.
- TJ, Tibet (6-1-05)

My northern neighbor
Home of Tommy Bartlet's show
The butt of our jokes
- JohnnyK, Chicago (5-12-05)

To let one's milk spoil
In a glass under one's bed...
This is some great food?
- JohnnyK, Chicago (5-12-05)

Curdled, rotten milk
with visions of drunken sport
Wisconsin sucks bad
- JohnnyK, Chicago (5-12-05)

Mooku cow is happy
sitting in his lotus pose
contemplating life
- g1nab1na, Albuquerque, NM (4-28-05)

the cows udders burst
creamy milky goodness flows
when mould forms eat it
- SiempreQueso, Australia (4-4-05)

Moo, cheese, milk and cows
Buy us at the dairy store
What's in your tummy?
- uncerid, Pennsylvania (2-9-05)

growth hormones, feed lots
make the cheese I like to eat
I like head cheese best!
- whitsun001, MN (1-31-05)

The taste of absence
Mind as clear as winter night
Swiss cheese, full of holes
- devo, Los Angles, CA (1-30-05)

hard, strong, mild, soft
the secret to life and cheese
is "enjoy it all."
- joepolich, Laconia, NH (1-30-05)

to the land of cheese
we run away to relax
with the taste of cheese
- drummerking, dublin (1-29-05)

Two lonely wheat buns,
singing for something they long,
cheese completes their song
- rkbook, edgewater,florida (1-29-05)

If my work was cheese
and milk was my choice of play
Dull boy me No way
- rkbook, edgewater,florida (1-29-05)

Tillamook dairies
Local havens of goodness
My cheesy playground
- tkalhar, Beaverton, OR (10-29-04)

cow over bleu moon
trailing milky ways across
heaven's dairy farm
- simetra, under the mountains (10-17-04)

Blue am I, oh my!
Whoa - No cheese I've had today
Get some - eat some - aaaaaa
- , (10-13-04)

Wisconsin makes cheese
For the pleasure of the world.
Eat, drink, and enjoy.
- , (10-13-04)

The cheese stood tall.
The mouse was small, but driven.
No more cheese, lament.
- , (10-13-04)

Are you hungry now?
Cheese will fill the bill each time
Your bones will love it.
- , (10-13-04)

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