I've tried toast and lard
Even ate it bare naked,
But butter's better.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-20-04)

The meanest people
soften right up with butter
melted on pancakes
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

Pancakes with syrup
Some scrambled eggs on the side
Drown it with butter
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

It melts in your mouth
It gives life to any food
It’s tasty butter
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

Mashed potatoes, peas
Sliced turkey meat with gravy
Topped off with butter
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

Hot ears of corn roll
Sink in butter stick till, you
see? Ears no stick out.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-19-04)

Me without butter
Is like living without air
I could not go on
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-18-04)

What made my grilled cheese
lunch to die for? Myst'ry solved!
The butter did it.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-17-04)

oh butter me not
I will slip away from you
softly, silently, swiftly
- staugteach, St. augustine, fl (8-9-04)

No margerine, dear
Let's use the butter today
Like Marlon Brando
- Hamba, Massachusetts (8-7-04)

An election year.
The debate: Guns or butter?
Go for the butter.
- TJ, Tibet (8-7-04)

"I don't like the taste..."
Then put some butter on it...
"It tastes much better!"
- TJ, Tibet (8-7-04)

Success is short-lived;
Finding youself on a roll,
You must butter it!
- Idea Steve, Colorado (8-7-04)

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