It wakes up your mouth
It brings life to any food
It is Pepperjack
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

This is Cheesehead Mac
He's PepperJack Maniac
For Dairy Lama!
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

Meet my good friend Mac
He loves to eat Pepperjack
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-20-04)

Pepperjack yearning
Firey recipe leads to
eye-watering joy
- EllJay, Houston, TX (8-18-04)

He eats all he can
He is the Pepperjack fan
My Pepperjack man!
- PepeLePew, Spring Valley, California (8-18-04)

Too much pepperjack!
Mindless eating! Gutbusters
Precede buttgusters.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-15-04)

What's that? Pepper, Jack?
Must be some kinda joke, eh?
Like fly in ice cube.
- hoofinmouth, pennsylvania (8-14-04)

Is it pepperJohn?
pepperPete or PepperJoe?
No, it's Pepperjack!
- goudaguy, Albany, ny (8-13-04)

Hey Jack. This mild cheese
won't excite a dead man's tongue.
It needs pepper, Jack.
- goudaguy, Albany, ny (8-10-04)

Sweet fire on my lips
You melt across my passion
Creamy with promise.
- saycheese, Ohio (8-10-04)

I love spicy food.
I would eat more pepperjack...
but it hurts to poop.
- TJ, Tibet (8-9-04)

i'd do anything
for pepperjack: cheat, lie, and rhyme
Om Mani Padme Hum
- blonderengel, Monroe, LA (8-9-04)

it tempts me boldly:
pepperjack cheese on rye bread
it's gone now. Too bad.
- blonderengel, Monroe, LA (8-9-04)

it don't get any more
cheesy: cheddar, brie and pepper
jack and i eat good
- blonderengel, Monroe, LA (8-9-04)

come back, pepperjack
give me your smooth creamy heat
warm me to my soul
- staugteach, St. augustine, fl (8-9-04)

Ah, pepperjack cheese
Party of speckled, white cubes
Lie waiting for friends
- SheSed, Moo-soo-ree (8-9-04)

You say "pepperjack."
"A fiesta in my mouth,"
is what I call it.
- TJ, Tibet (8-7-04)

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