Nothing is better
than cheese and crusty frenchbread
and a glass of wine
- pk818state, Mississippi (1-23-07)

My poor cheesy brain
Aged like cheddar-not sharp
memory like swiss
- ericajconway, Milwaukee WI (1-22-07)

Ask for nothing more;
If you cannot have more time,
then ask for more cheese.
- Earl_of_Cheese, Chicago (1-20-07)

the cow stands in thought
contemplates pasture living:
too many cow pies
- mjkadel, San Francisco, CA (1-20-07)

Cheese tasting over
put up the brie, corked the wine
a feta compli
- CyborgCow, Phoenix (12-12-06)

my dog is a cheese
hound she hears the plastic rip
and runs to my side
- Ann, NYS (6-26-06)

Life is like some swiss
It is fantastic at first
But it starts to stink
- CheeseMistress, CT (6-3-06)

*..* CaKe cHoCoLaTe bAkE*..*
*.~.*pLeAsE hUrRy bEcAuSe i aChE*..*
*..*tHiS iS fOr mY sAkE*..*
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

Farmers kills the cows,
we buy, cook, eat the cows and,
get mad cow disease.
- AieaEnglish7c2, Aiea, Hawaii (4-7-06)

Grandmother's cheese toast
Creamy orange hugs on bread
Love is fattening
- taraknits, Kingsland, GA (2-27-06)

shake neon yellow dust
on steaming pots of elbows
mac and cheese dinner
- shadytree, michigan (1-21-06)

January 1st,
of any year, is like a
squeaky, fresh cheese curd.
- TJ, Tibet (1-3-06)

Cold milk fills my glass
The cookie's poised and ready
Heaven in a dunk
- tadaa, Washington (6-4-05)

stirring cheese vat
bending blending separating
whey and curds and spine
- Donald, Halifax (5-22-05)

A winter evening
A fire crackles in the grate
I toast grated cheese
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (3-24-05)

Grazing on the ranch
Churning to make cheese.
All we need is time. (Shane)
- Ms. Beard's Creative Writing Class
Connersville HS
, Connersville, IN (3-20-05)

A flock of sparrow
all around a piece of cheese-
suddenly, the dog...
- V. Roman, Bucharest, Romania (2-24-05)

Who moved my cheese? A
Metaphor for modern life -
Cheese baited rat race.
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (2-24-05)

life is good to me
i have tons of cheese to eat
that is the reason
- tipper, Wisconsin (2-23-05)

Ask not what I like;
anything cheesy will do --
quite the connoisseur.
- KrisArvind, Peoria, IL (2-8-05)

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