String cheese is the best
Long, tasty, and delicate
It means business
- Steve Cheese, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

if you would please
hand me a slice of cheese
to eat with crackers
- fm(radio)mihelich, Jenks, Oklahoma (3-28-08)

Hi-ho, the Derry-o
Bait to the game of life
The cheese stands alone
- Michelle, Tulsa (3-28-08)

cheese everywhere
all over and i dont care
cheese everywhere
- cheeserules, tulsa (3-28-08)

American, Swiss
Mozzerella, Provolone
Pepper Jack, Bleu...mmm
- Sally Keizer, Jenks (3-28-08)

Cheddar makes me hot
In a lake of Parmesan.
Help, I am drowning.
- , (3-28-08)

Asiago cheese
on my molten panino;
A delicacy.
- seanobrien, tulsa ok (3-28-08)

Many kinds of cheese
Jack, cheddar, mozzerella
On a pan pizza
- gogurtshooter, Jenks (3-28-08)

Where does cheese come from?
It comes from the spotted moon
holed by shooting stars
- AngelKirlia, Tulsa, OK, USA (3-28-08)

Many kinds of cheese
Jack, cheddar, mozzerella
On a pan pizza
- gogurtshooter, Jenks (3-28-08)

Do you love your cheese?
Can you be turophobic?
You are dead to me!
- ihatecheese, Docs Class (3-28-08)

i grate cheese at work
i'd like a turn to eat it
it looks pretty good
- drumbrandon, jenks (3-28-08)

cheese cheese everywhere
like a long and sweet affair
cheese is in the air
- lizspark, Jenks (3-28-08)

Various colors
different smells and different names
Comes from same place, cow
- ChelseaWilliams, Jenks (3-28-08)

moobies is the place
jay and bob serve me fresh cheese
on the fly burger
- drumbrandon, jenks (3-28-08)

Squares, cubes and the holes
Yellow, white, and even blue
Dippin' or sprinkled
- MizV, Earth (3-28-08)

Soft white parmesan
melting with intense goodness
Cheese will please my needs
- TheCheeseMaster, Jenks, Oklahoma (3-28-08)

oh what yummy cheese
so many different kinds
i just love to eat
- christina hagood, (3-28-08)

cheese is great to eat
it also is good with meat
i like sandwiches
- cheeseissexy1, tulsa (3-28-08)

Let'er rip cheese nip
So yummy oh so yummy
get in my tummy
- amjouett, Jenks, Ok (3-28-08)

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