Arranged on a big wall,
Some sketch of cows, chewing cud,
A young artist - talent.
- JJuPierre, London (8-2-04)

perfect for carving
even a mouse can do it
gallery of cheese?
- hatrock, WISCONSIN (8-1-04)

A block of cheddar
Wrapped in red wax
- Sussex138, Wisconsin (7-30-04)

Yellow, white and bleu.
Wonderful colors of cheese.
I want one that's red.
- gailmimi, Kansas City (7-29-04)

Crunchy snacks cheese jacks
bleu cheese on buffalo wings
a rainbow of tastes
- Moo-a-ku_1, New Jersey (6-2-04)

Orange snacks cheese jacks
white cheddar cheese on popcorn
bleu cheese on salads
- Moo-a-ku_1, New Jersey (6-2-04)

Pastel port cheese swirls.
Across a canvas of rye.
Beauty for the eye.
- whiteboxerblue, NH (5-28-04)

Take a slice of cheese...
nibble some holes for a face:
A mask of cheddar.
- TJ, Tibet (5-8-04)

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