whipped cream is the best
spray it on your icecream cone
taste it's cream delight
- CMS Students, Kingsland, GA (3-3-06)

thy dilectible
oh, thine good cheeses
- meesa_a_milkluvver, La Crosse, Wisconsin (2-18-06)

cold milk is good but
a lactose intolerance
blows through my colon
- tadaa, Washington (6-3-05)

no longer recent
my mooku gets pushed away
my breath still offends
- ravingrl, Indiana (5-12-05)

when Anna eats cheese
her stomach quivers in pain
but she doesn't care
- atira88, sedona (5-5-05)

Firm white cottage cheese
And tart natural yoghurt
Are the slimmer's friends
- Sarah Hotdesking, England (4-4-05)

We are proud CheeseHeads
Packers have our Loyalty
Even when they Suck!
- hatrock, WISCONSIN (3-24-05)

Cheese favored by mice
like a parent's favored child
Favor it greatly (Caleb)
- Ms. Beard's Creative Writing Class
Connersville HS
, Connersville, IN (3-20-05)

If I were a cheese
Someone could get rid of me
Eat me, crap me out
- CALahti, Arizona (3-19-05)

Odor on the air
Is it limburger I smell
Or my own foul stench
- CALahti, Arizona (3-19-05)

Try deep fried goat cheese
Drizzled with raspberry sauce
Served on rocquette leaves
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-4-05)

Take some Camembert
Rolled in breadcrumbs, fry swiftly
And serve with chutney
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-4-05)

Broccoli Stilton -
Hearty soup of strong blue cheese
And nourishing veg
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-4-05)

Macaroni cheese
Al dente pasta, stove baked
In a rich cheese sauce
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-4-05)

Tired of hard Cheddar?
Succumb to the delights of
Crumbly Lancashire
- Muttley, UK (3-3-05)

The perfect ploughmans
Cheddar, chutney, butter, ham
And crusty fresh bread
- Muttley, UK (3-3-05)

The perfect pasty -
Cheese and potato wrapped in
Buttery pastry
- Muttley, UK (3-3-05)

Do not Clingfilm cheese
It goes sweaty and stinky
Store in Tupperware
- Muttley, UK (3-3-05)

Devout love of cheese
Dairy product obsession
Is not a disease
- Slytherina, recmiscland (3-3-05)

When making fresh bread
Add grated strong cheese to dough
For yummy cheese bread
- Muttley, UK (2-28-05)

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