oh, cheese, my sweet cheese
where for art thou my lovely cheese
deny thy cow and be cheese
- christina hagood, (3-28-08)

Cheese in the grater
My hand accidently slipped
Ouch, that hurt a bit
- Dirty-Sanchez, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

Boundlessly tasty
Shredded, chunky, and funky
Great a world of cheese
- Stacy, jenks (3-28-08)

O captain my cheese
It melts between my sandwich
Making life better
- CreamyGoodness, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

Cheese is not real good
Cottage cheese is the grossest
It looks like bad milk
- Dirty-Sanchez, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

its the best of cheese
it was the worst of the cheese
no one ever knows
- Pacheese, Jenks, OK (3-28-08)

Question not what
The Ministry of Cheese does
Big Cheese is watching
- Username, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

Good Cheese, good good cheese!
Parting is such sweet sorrow,
I say goodbye cheese
- aryian, jenks (3-28-08)

Two cheeses diverged
I ate the one less eaten
that made the difference
- caveman, a cave stupid, jenks (3-28-08)

cheddar is yellow
other cheeses can be bleu
but they're all gouda
- blackcheese, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3-28-08)

Out out damn smelly smell
For this will be your downfall
Oh why do you smell?
- vcfrey08, Tulsa (3-28-08)

Its just cheese and all
Nothing more to say but cheese
End has come to cheese
- artemusod, Tulsa (3-28-08)

whats in a name that
which we call cheese by any
other name is sweet
- priya, Jenks (3-28-08)

Out stinky cheese, go
Cheese is foul, and foul is bad
Through out thou bad stinky cheese
- Curtis87, Jenks (3-28-08)

Lead on cheese! Lead on!
The Swiss Cheese is waning fast.
Lead on cheese Spirit!
- Carlos, Tulsa, OK (3-28-08)

double double, toil
and trouble blood of monkey
and a lump of cheese
-, Jenks (3-28-08)

Feed my soul dairy
Swiss, swiss, where for art thou swiss
You are delicious
- bebyrd, Jenks, Ok (3-28-08)

gather ye rosebuds
taste the o so tasty cheese
then give some to me
- samuelnorthup, Jenks, OK (3-28-08)

To Become a cheese
or not to become a cheese
I'll just be a swiss
- RyanFischer, Tulsa (3-28-08)

a good familiar creature
exclaim no more against

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