There are rules in life
that everyone must follow.
These are our guidelines.


For individuals who wish to be eligible for prizes, we collect shipping and contact information. However, this information is for internal use only. will not disclose any private account data regarding any individual to a third party unless we are: required to do so by law, if we have good reason to believe that the activities of an individual breaks the edict of the law, if data is needed to protect and defend the rights or property of, or to protect the personal safety of our account holders or the public. has every right as holder of this information to review the activities of an individual who has been brought to our attention for abuse reasons, illegal activities or for reasons regarding the law.  The only information visible to the general public is the individual's first name and location.

Any content submitted to is recognized as an act of the freedom of speech, and in no way obligates an user to conform to any judgment by law. Individuals who choose to give out their information choose to do so by their own accord and by no means obligate or any user to give out information unless the other individual is obligated by law to provide any information. will never ask a user to reveal personal information because we have our own means of monitoring and retrieving any information that we need.

The bottom line is, we highly value the individual's and our privacy. We will not give out information to anyone unless the law requires us to, and we will never ask individuals for their information except when they wish to change your account information through our website..

Terms of Use

We ask that you maintain some level of decency when using Use discretion when submitting content. To help keep our site as clean and professional as possible, we reserve the right rephrase and improve on any submission as we see fit. Anything you read on this website is regarded as an opinion of the individual who submitted it. is meant to be a clean humored place where individuals can share their creativity in a clean fashion.

Some content may not be approved for inclusion in the site based on reasons including but not limited to: Racism, Sexuality, Extreme acts of idiocy, and content submitted as a mockery to an individual or this website.

Rights of Ownership owns all rights regarding the ownership of material presented on this website. By submitting content to this website, individuals give up any rights or privileges as owner of the submitted material. Due to the nature of accepting blind submissions, we can be unaware of the ownership of any material submitted to us. In the event that any material we present may be compromising or may violate any rights of ownership, we ask that the individual or organization to contact us regarding the matter. If we find substantial evidence that any material is owned by another individual or organization, we will do the best we can to conform the those rights whether it be by removing the material or noting the ownership of such material, or by any other means we view reasonable.

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